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The BRE awards a points uplift for products that have an independently verified third party Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


Armacell publishes environmental product declarations which are based on an independent lifecycle assessment (LCA). Comparing the primary energy input identified in the LCA with the energy saving achieved, shows that Armaflex insulation materials save 140 times more energy than is needed for their manufacture, transport and disposal.

The table below shows the points award for each Green Guide rating and the EPD uplift:

Green Guide RatingPointsEPD Tier 1 max points upliftEPD Tier 2 Max Points uplift

Armaflex Ultima – The first elastomer product with B/BL-s1,d0

The insulation system engineered to prevent condensation and energy losses.

The protective halogen-free insulation to reduce corrosive effects and smoke toxicity in a fire.

Armacell’s flexible expert for increased efficiency in high-temperature applications.

Comparison of types of environmental declaration

TypeLCA Required Confirmed by independent organisation Informative value
Type 1 - Label -YESAVERAGE
Type 2 - Claim--AVERAGE

Armacell has independently verified EPDs compliant with ISO 15804 and ISO 14025 for AF/Armaflex Class O, AF/Armaflex, Armaflex Ultima, HT/Armaflex and NH/Armaflex (see www.armacell.com/epd).


The EPDs are classed as ‘cradle-to-gate with options’ (Tier 2). So with a generic Green Guide rating of A and an EPD Tier 2 uplift, Armaflex products achieve 2.75 points. Armacell also has ISO 14001 certification to meet the requirements under Mat03 Responsible Sourcing of Materials.

Types of environmental declarations (eco labels according to ISO standards):
Type 1 Declarations are made by a third party (according to ISO 14024) affirming compliance with pre-determined, multi-attribute, life-cycle based environmental performance requirements (e.g. German 'Blauer Engel' or 'US Green Seal').
Type 2 Declarations reflect environmental performance claims made by a product manufacturer (according to ISO 14021). The performance criteria have not been independently verified (e.g. US 'GreenGuard' or 'Energy Star').
Type 3 Declarations (according to ISO 14025) present in a consistent manner objective, quantifiable, life-cycle based environmental product information which has been independently verified by a third party. Also known as environmental product declarations (EPDs).