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The BRE (Building Research Establishment)
has now added pipe insulation products to their Green Guide to Specification, with nitrile rubber insulation products including Armaflex materials, receiving an A rating.


The Green Guide assesses the following twelve impact categories:

1. Climate Change 7. Nuclear Waste
2. Water Extraction 8. Waste Disposal
3. Mineral Resource Extraction 9. Fossil Fuel Depletion
4. Stratoshpheric Ozone Depletion10. Eutrophication
5. Human Toxicity11. Photochemical Ozone Creation
6. Ectoxicity to Freshwater and Land12. Acidification

Armacell has independently verified EPDs compliant with ISO 15804 and ISO 14025 for AF/Armaflex Class O, AF/Armaflex, Armaflex Ultima, HT/Armaflex and NH/Armaflex (see

A summary for the ratings for nitrile rubber insulation products is given in the table below:

Application TypeProduct Type Element NumberSummary Rating
Domestic heating & hot waterNitrile rubber pipe insulation1635800004A
BOTD Hot WaterNitrile rubber pipe insulation1636810004A
BOTD Heating Nitrile rubber pipe insulation1637820004A
BOTD Chilled Water 10°C Nitrile rubber pipe insulation1638830004A
BOTD Chilled Water 5°C Nitrile rubber pipe insulation1639840004A
BOTD Chilled Water 0°C Nitrile rubber pipe insulation1640850004 A

The generic Green Guide ratings can be found online at


Armaflex products have a GWP and ODP rating of zero. The gas given off in the manufacture of Armaflex is nitrogen, which makes up the majority of air. The GWP and ODP certificates are independently verified by Bureau Veritas, available on request.


Our Tubolit polyethylene foam insulation has a GWP of 3 and an ODP of zero. The blowing agent used is Isobutane, which has a negligible ODP and a GWP value only 3.3 times that of carbon dioxide.


Download the Compliance card PDF
Download the Specification Guide PDF